published at 26/09/2013

Cake design and sugar paste

Decorate the cakes with sugar paste is an art, ScrapCooking® provides all the tools to succeed these little masterpieces! 

Cake design is the art of decorating, sculpting and shaping the cakes with sugar paste as an artist with the tantalizing promise to put treat for the eyes and taste buds! 

ScrapCooking® provides all the tools to succeed these small pieces of art and offer a wide range of white, colored or flavored sugar pastes. Ideal to give a dramatic side to your cakes, cupcakes, wedding cakes, cookies... sugar paste also called roll-based can be used with many tools to make this art very accessible. In this spirit, ScrapCooking® offers anybody to make the most beautiful cake using the roller imprint, ejector cutters, molds for sugar paste, molds for part-rise... 

You can also use our sugar paste to cover your "suprise cakes" like rainbow cakes or shadow cakes

Let's be creative !