published at 26/09/2013


These wonderful cupcakes came straight across the Atlantic we fill their eyes! 
ScrapCooking® offers everything needed to make and decorate cupcakes : boxes, piping bag, preparing for cupcakes, icing and butter cream, sugar decorations ... 

Cupcakes, cupcakes... but where do they come in these adorable cupcakes?  Covered with a glaze so whipped topping or a "topping" flat, adorned with decorative sugars or a candle, we see them everywhere in magazines, TV series, decoration on clothing, napkins. It's crazy... we love it! Coming from the U.S., cupcakes seduce both young and old. They are very easy to make and decorating them is a pure pleasure! 

Boxes for cupcakes, boxes silicone mold for cupcakes, food colouring, piping bag for icing, sugar flakes, sugar pearls ...  ScrapCooking® offers a large range of products to help you make and decorate these wonderful cupcakes!