published at 26/09/2013

Food Quality

ScrapCooking ® is the first brand to offer:

  • food colouring powder of natural origin. 
  • a wide range of natural flavors based on sunflower oil and not alcohol. 
  • sweet decorations without palm oil and whit natural food colouring 
  • icing mix with colorings and flavors of natural origin

Information on food colors / regulations

"Since July 20, 2010, the date of the application of European Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008 on food additives, manufacturers are required to apply the words" May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children "on all food products that use the following azo dyes:. E124, E110, E104, E122, E129, E102."

Long ScrapCooking® has integrated the regulation and to date all of our products are made with natural food colors or artificial free azo food colouring. 

It seems important to us that our customers are well informed and encourage them to be vigilant about the nature of the products they buy in stores and especially on the internet where some commercial sites often are careful to note the mandatory information... 

Historically, our quality is closely linked with our desire to produce the closest to us in contributing to the local economy as soon as possible.  Each product is designed and created to ensure the highest quality both in terms of compliance with standards at the level of use.

At ScrapCooking® we know that health is precious and we work every day to develop the best products offering as soon as possible natural products.